Elizabeth Fiedler

Elizabeth Fiedler is running for State Representative in the 184th district in Philadelphia.

Elizabeth previously worked as a reporter at public radio station WHYY for a decade, covering tough issues like community affairs and politics. 

Having experienced the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline being built through her parents’ backyard in rural Pennsylvania, Elizabeth strongly supports moratoriums on drilling in watersheds and new pipelines. In Harrisburg, she will fight for limitations on gas exports from the state and real environmental enforcement on drillers and existing gas infrastructure. She supports transitioning to a zero-carbon economy and investing in green infrastructure. If elected, Elizabeth will work to dramatically increase state renewable energy standards, including doing what’s necessary to update our electric grid, and making democratically and publicly-owned projects, like community-owned solar, legal in Pennsylvania.

We are confident that Elizabeth will fight for our right to clean air, clean water, and renewable energy if elected in November. We encourage the voters of the 184th district to vote to send her to Harrisburg.