Rep. Chris Rabb

Rep. Chris Rabb is running for re-election in the 200th district, which is located in the upper northwest portion of the City of Philadelphia, and one of the greenest urban areas in the Commonwealth.

In just his first term in the State House, Rep. Rabb was a prime sponsor of legislation to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050, which is critical if we're going to tackle climate change and protect our planet for our kids and future generations. As a champion of environmental justice, he has fought to ensure that new housing built for low- and moderate-income families be energy efficient. Rep. Rabb is also a founding member of the Climate Caucus.

The 200th District has a committed environmental ally in Rep. Rabb, and we urge his constituents to send him back to Harrisburg to continue to fight for clean energy for all and environmental justice for our most marginalized communities.