Conservation Voters of PA advocates for policies that protect Pennsylvania’s water, air, and land. As a non-partisan organization, we work with Democrats and Republicans to advance our conservation priorities. Using tools like our Environmental Scorecard, we believe in empowering our members to stay informed and hold their lawmakers accountable.

House Breakdown: 50 Pro-Conservation Votes, 83 Maybe Votes, and 70 Anti-Conservation Votes

Right now, out of a total 203 members of the State House of Representatives, there are 70 anti-conservation votes, 83 maybe votes, and 50 consistently pro-conservation votes.


Senate Breakdown: 12 Pro-Conservation Votes, 24 Maybe Votes, and 14 Anti-Conservation Votes

Out of a total of 50 members of the State Senate, there are 14 anti-conservation votes, 24 maybe votes, and 12 consistently pro-conservation votes.