Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is making the environment a top priority across the Commonwealth.


Pennsylvania Lawmakers Must Make Environmental Justice a Top Priority

"We need strong legislation to protect communities overburdened by pollution," writes Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Molly Parzen.

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New EPA Rules Will Protect Pennsylvania Residents from Dangerous ‘Forever Chemicals’

The new federal standards demonstrate that the Biden administration takes clean water seriously and will continue to take necessary action to stop chemical manufacturers from endangering our most vulnerable residents.

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Time to Move on Bold, New Clean Energy Plan for Pennsylvania

The commonwealth, with its highly skilled union workforce and infrastructure, should be at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

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Federal agriculture investments a boon to Chester County

Together, we can forge a bright future in which we head off a climate crisis even as we make our communities more environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous.

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Preserve conservation in farm bill

New conservation dollars in the farm bill should be preserved for the long term.

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Pennsylvania Can Lead The Nation To A Cleaner Future, Before It’s Too Late

Now is the time to take bold steps to leverage federal dollars, transform our energy systems, and secure a clean and healthy environment for generations to come.

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Federal funds are needed for Philly to become our nation’s biggest green city

Urban forestry initiatives have begun benefitting underserved communities

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Big Wins For The Environment And Pennsylvanians In 2023

These victories should compel us to rededicate ourselves to fighting for our environment – and our democracy – in 2024.

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Opinion: Time to move on fracking safety measures

For years, advocates have been calling on Harrisburg to implement commonsense safety regulations to mitigate harmful health impacts of fracking – particularly for children and other vulnerable populations. 

Gov. Josh Shapiro has taken a step forward in delivering for these impacted communities. Now, it’s time for the state legislature to do the same. 

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The Importance Of Pennsylvania’s Judicial Elections For The Environment

Environmental courts motifs

Given the role of our statewide appellate courts in upholding the laws that protect our air, our water, and our vote, it's important to vote to protect a pro-environment and pro-democracy majority on the PA Supreme Court.

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