Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is making the environment a top priority across the Commonwealth.


Federal funds are needed for Philly to become our nation’s biggest green city

Urban forestry initiatives have begun benefitting underserved communities

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Big Wins For The Environment And Pennsylvanians In 2023

These victories should compel us to rededicate ourselves to fighting for our environment – and our democracy – in 2024.

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Opinion: Time to move on fracking safety measures

For years, advocates have been calling on Harrisburg to implement commonsense safety regulations to mitigate harmful health impacts of fracking – particularly for children and other vulnerable populations. 

Gov. Josh Shapiro has taken a step forward in delivering for these impacted communities. Now, it’s time for the state legislature to do the same. 

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The Importance Of Pennsylvania’s Judicial Elections For The Environment

Environmental courts motifs

Given the role of our statewide appellate courts in upholding the laws that protect our air, our water, and our vote, it's important to vote to protect a pro-environment and pro-democracy majority on the PA Supreme Court.

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Solar For Schools: A Win For Kids, Taxpayers And Pennsylvania

Conservation Voters of PA Executive Director Molly Parzen explains why Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler’s House Bill 1032 has the potential to be transformative for the Commonwealth.

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Protecting Our Democracy Protects Our Environment

If our elections and democratic institutions aren’t protected, the planet doesn’t stand a chance.

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A Farm Bill for us all

It’s critical that Pennsylvania lawmakers support a Farm Bill that includes the popular, cost-saving, and pro-conservation programs farmers and communities rely on to protect and preserve our state’s resources and natural beauty for generations to come.

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The Farm Bill: A bipartisan opportunity to ensure America’s bounty and sustainability

This year we have an opportunity to pass genuinely bipartisan legislation: the United States Farm Bill. Not only does this legislation represent an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to accomplish something for the American public together, it also represents a tremendous opportunity to fight to protect our natural resources while supporting the farmers who provide for our country.

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Congress Must Prioritize A Farm Bill For All Americans

The expansive impact of the Farm Bill is easy to illustrate in Bucks County with its rich agricultural heritage and broad swaths of permanently preserved open space.

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Rail service connection to greener Scranton future

Thanks to President Biden’s landmark bipartisan infrastructure law, Scranton is moving forward with the historic restoration of train servicing connecting our region to New York City.

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