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Conservation Voters of PA does its part in the fight for a greener environment by lobbying elected officials, mobilizing advocates, and making endorsements.

Our Political Action Committee, Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund, goes one step further – by waging direct electoral campaigns that defend our allies, defeat our opponents, and elect a new generation of environmental leaders.

Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund is the largest state political action committee dedicated to the environment. We offer direct financial support and independent campaign expenditures on behalf of candidates who have demonstrated their commitment and ability to advance a pro-environment agenda.

Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund helps put promising green leaders in to office by mobilizing environmentally minded voters across Pennsylvania. Your contribution to the Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund supports the environment through:

Candidate recruitment
Door-to-door canvassing
Issue polling
Social media campaigns
Radio and television advertising
Direct mail
Phone banking

Since its inception, Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund has established itself as a recognized player in the political arena because we target races where we can move the votes to sway the outcome of elections.

Please join our campaign and make a difference for the environment by supporting Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund today