Elections matter. The people we elect to represent us – from the White House to the State House to City and Town Council – hold tremendous power over the policies that protect or threaten our natural resources. 

We can only elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state with your vote! 

Who should I vote for?

Every election year, we endorse candidates whom we expect to be environmental champions as well as ballot measures that protect and restore Pennsylvania’s environment. See which candidates we have endorsed.

When do I vote?

Here are a few critical dates to put on your calendar:

Last day to register for the primary election: May 18, 2020

Deadline to sign up for a vote-by-mail ballot: May 26, 2020

Vote in the primary election: June 2, 2020

Last day to register for the general election: October 19, 2020

Vote in the general election: November 3, 2020

Where do I vote?

Look up your polling place

You can now vote by mail! Here’s how to vote by mail in PA: 

  • Sign up to receive a ballot. You can do that online at this link, you can download a form and mail it in, or you can apply in person (here are instructions for these two options). 
  • Submit your application by May 26 to vote in the Primary Election. 
  • You’ll receive a ballot in the mail. 
  • Return your ballot so that it’s received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day