Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro is running statewide to be Pennsylvania’s 48th Governor. From serving as State Representative for the 153rd district where he consistently voted in favor of strong investments in public transportation, to his current position as Attorney General, Josh Shapiro has spent his career fighting for a Pennsylvania that works for all of us.

As Attorney General, Josh Shapiro has made environmental enforcement a major tenet of his office and has been an ally to environmental justice communities. He holds a record for cracking down on oil and gas companies and holding them accountable for polluting communities across the commonwealth through fines and prosecution. He also stood up against the Trump administration’s EPA when it failed to protect Pennsylvanians from methane emissions, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer when it violated the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Mariner East pipeline developer for their reckless disregard of Pennsylvania’s environmental protection laws.

At a time when Pennsylvania continues to grapple with aging housing and water infrastructure that is causing lead contamination of our drinking water and elevated blood lead levels in our children, Josh Shapiro is pledging to tackle the lead crisis by stepping up testing and investing in replacing aging lead pipes, especially in urban schools as well as low-income and communities of color. He is also pledging to achieve net-zero climate emissions by 2050 and make Pennsylvania a leader in tackling the climate crisis by dramatically increasing the production of clean and renewable energy while also turbocharging the state’s energy efficiency programs to lower costs for local businesses and working families.

A Shapiro Administration will continue this fight to protect the health of Pennsylvania communities and the environment. We strongly urge all Pennsylvania voters to send Josh Shapiro to the Governor’s Office to safeguard our air, land, water, and lives.