Justin Fleming

Justin Fleming is running for the State House in the 105th District, representing Dauphin County.

Justin has served as a Susquehanna Township Commissioner for 8 years. He also serves on the volunteer board of several nonprofits working to expand mental healthcare and provide more resources to children in his community. As a State Representative, Justin will take steps at the state level to keep Pennsylvanians’ shared water resources clean rather than place the burden solely on municipalities with smaller budgets. Justin knows that the effects of climate change are causing more dangerous and frequent storms and that it is the responsibility of our elected officials to mitigate these effects. As a State Representative, he will also invest in stormwater infrastructure and public transit to support residents across the Commonwealth.

We believe Justin Fleming will be a fierce advocate for the environment in the State House, and we urge the voters of the 105th District to send him to Harrisburg in November.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.