David Cunningham

David Cunningham is running for the State House in the 13th District, representing Chester County.

David holds a master’s degree in education from Southern Connecticut University and has spent his career as an advocate for children and families, as a special education teacher and as an organizer. David served as Director for the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse and as Executive Director of the Connecticut Justice for Children Collaboration. 

As a State Representative, David will work to stop the privatization of municipal water systems. He knows that efforts to privatize water will raise prices for residents and restrict access to natural resources for outdoor recreation. The environment is on the ballot every year and this election is no different. David knows that as  more voters have their voices heard, the stronger our elections and our democracy will be. He will fight against efforts in the legislature that have occurred to marginalize or disenfranchise voters.

We believe David Cunningham will be a fierce advocate for democracy and for the environment in the State House, and we urge the voters of the 13th District to send him to Harrisburg in November.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.