Gwen Stoltz

Gwen Stoltz is running for the State House in the 143rd District, representing parts of Bucks County. 

Gwen is a research biochemist and scientific writer and has served as an inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency, helping keep first responders and communities safe from pollution events. She is currently a life sciences consultant and medical writer. 

Gwen knows the science and that climate change needs to be addressed as the commonwealth experiences record storm events and levels of flooding. In the House, she will advocate for electric vehicle incentives and infrastructure, as well as Pennsylvania’s transition to renewable energy. Gwen knows the 143rd District is impacted by PFAS water contamination and will work in the House to provide and protect safe drinking water for all. She will support measures to educate residents on PFAS contamination and to provide affordable testing for PFAS contamination, particularly in private wells.

We are confident that Gwen will be a strong advocate for the environment in the State House, and we urge voters in the 143rd district to send her to Harrisburg.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.