Brian Munroe

Brian Munroe is running for State House for the 144th District, representing Bucks County.

Currently, he serves on the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors where he focuses on open spaces and green development. 

Brian is running to be a State Representative, because he wants to serve his community, including by protecting every Pennsylvanian’s right to clean air and water. In Pennsylvania’s 144th District, residents are directly affected by flooding issues and the loss of safe drinking water due to PFOS/PFOA contamination. Brian believes that combating climate change is our moral duty and will fight to invest in renewable energy and good quality jobs in this energy sector for Pennsylvanians.

We believe that Brian will be a fierce advocate for the health of the environment and the health of Pennsylvanians. We urge voters in the 144th District to send Brian Munroe to Harrisburg this November. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.