Carol Kazeem

Carol Kazeem is running for State House in the 159th District, representing Delaware County.

Carol Kazeem is a long time resident of Delaware County. She was raised in the area and is raising her own family in Chester. She works in behavioral and mental health and has been a caregiver for over 12 years. Carol is active in her community as a trauma-informed outreach specialist and a gun violence interrupter, hosting many protests calling for positive changes to reduce homelessness, education inequity, and gun violence, and to raise awareness about voting rights issues.

If elected to the State House, Carol Kazeem will continue her effort to bring resources to positively impact the 159th district. She will fight to protect her constituents’ access to clean air, clean water, and a clean environment — which is why she has fought the Covanta incinerator in Chester City, which disproportionately affects poor communities of color and is a leading cause of air pollution and asthma in the surrounding communities. Carol will call for capping the number of states that can dump their trash into the incinerator and for progressing to zero waste. 

We are confident Carol will be a fierce advocate for the environment and for the communities of the 159th and we encourage voters in the 159th District to send her to the State House this November. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.