Rep. Leanne Krueger

State Representative Leanne Krueger is running for re-election in the 161st district in Delaware County. She earned a 100% on the 2019-2020 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard and has been one of the best environmental champions in Harrisburg since she was first elected in 2015.

Rep. Krueger currently serves on the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and is a co-founder of the Climate Caucus.

As the former Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, Rep. Krueger understands the importance of bringing together advocates, business leaders, and community members to fight for a more sustainable, pro-environment future. She has recently sponsored legislation that would set up a hotline to provide critical information to residents in the event of a pipeline accident, and she has been an outspoken opponent of attempts to limit Pennsylvania’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. 

Rep. Krueger is a true environmental champion, and we encourage the voters of the 161st district to send her back to Harrisburg to keep fighting for you.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.