Rep. Joe Hohenstein

Rep. Joe Hohenstein is running for re-election to the State House in Philadelphia’s 177th District. He received a 92% score on the 2019-2020 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard.

Rep. Hohenstein is a former attorney and small business owner who focused his practice on immigration law. As a lifelong resident of the 177th district, Rep. Hohenstein has seen the devastating environmental and public health impacts of lead and heavy metal poisoning. As a member of the Climate Caucus, Rep. Hohenstein’s priorities include investments in renewable energy to promote opportunities for green jobs and addressing the heavy metal contamination in his district.

First elected in 2018, Rep. Hohenstein secured a substantial grant to build the new Bridesburg Riverfront Park along the Delaware River. When completed, this park will increase greenspaces in the community, promote public transportation to reduce traffic congestion, and provide stormwater filtration before the water enters the River.

We urge voters in the 177th district to re-elect Rep. Joe Hohenstein so he can continue to hold polluters accountable and promote environmental protections in Harrisburg.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.