Ilya Breyman

Ilya Breyman is running for State House in the 178th District, representing parts of Bucks County. 

Ilya Breyman is a Georgetown University alumnus holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in foreign policy process and international business diplomacy. He also has a master’s degree in education entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. Ilya is CEO and cofounder of an education technology company and also the co-founder of one of the first corporate venture capital firms specializing in human resources and education technology investments. 

Ilya’s platform includes fighting to transition Pennsylvania to green energy in order to create high-paying, long term jobs, to lower the cost of energy for families, and to protect the environment. Ilya supports investments in expanding clean public transportation, creating legislation that centers environmental justice across policy sectors, and taking regulatory measures to protect Pennsylvanians from PFAS.

We urge voters in the 178th District to send Ilya Breyman to Harrisburg, so he can fight to protect all Pennsylvanians’ right to clean air, water, and land. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.