Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta

Representative Malcolm Kenyatta is running for the State House in Philadelphia’s 181st district. He earned a 92% on the 2019-2020 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard.

Rep. Kenyatta is a lifelong resident of North Philadelphia, and he believes that making the change to renewable energy is not only vital to having clean air and water, but is a step forward for the economy. He also believes that polluters of our air, water, and land must be held accountable.

Rep. Kenyatta is a member of the Climate Caucus and is part of a group of legislators who introduced three bills to codify the Office of Environmental Justice and the Environmental Justice Advisory Board, and to create a more transparent permitting process before polluting facilities are built in environmental justice communities.

Rep. Kenyatta has been a strong leader for the environment, and we urge Pennsylvanians to send him to Harrisburg. to continue his fight to protect the environmental health and public health of all Pennsylvanians.

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