Rep. Rick Krajewski

Representative Rick Krajewski is running for re-election to the State House in the 188th district, representing part of Philadelphia. 

Rep. Rick Krajewski currently serves on the Environmental Resources and Energy, Health, and Urban Affairs committees. In his first legislative session, Rep. Krajewski was elected to serve as Secretary for the Climate Caucus. He uses his position on the Environmental Resources and Energy committee to advocate for adequate funding for the Department of Environmental Protection. 

Environmental policy is a cornerstone of Rep. Krajewski’s campaign. He is a strong advocate of a Green New Deal for Pennsylvania that would spur major investment in green industries that grow our economy and combat climate change. Rep. Krajewski has promoted the importance of green spaces by introducing the Pennsylvania Recreational Infrastructure Revitalization Act to repair and invest in outdoor recreational spaces throughout Pennsylvania.

Rep. Krajewski is facing a primary challenge. We encourage voters in State House District 188 to re-elect Rep. Rick Krajewski so he can continue to fight for clean air and water and safe housing for all. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.