Tarah Probst

Tarah Probst is running for State House in the 189th District, representing parts of Monroe and Pike Counties. 

Tarah Probst has served Stroudsburg as its mayor since 2015. She also sits on the board of the Brodhead Watershed Association, a non-profit dedicated to protecting and improving the environment in the Brodhead and Cherry Creek watersheds. Tarah’s environmental priorities include improving clean water regulations, halting the dumping of construction debris, and promoting renewable energy sources.

Tarah has fought the expansion of Interstate 80 in her town due to the loss of land and air pollution it would bring, and she has fought for environmental protections especially across  the watershed in her town. Tarah supports unions and energy independence and knows that a transition to renewable energy will be what protects our environment. In the State House, Tarah will fight for energy independence, green energy jobs, and for a better planet to for the next generation. 

We are confident that Tarah will use her experience as a leader to fight for the environment in the State House, and we urge voters in the 189th District to send her to Harrisburg this fall. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.