Rep. Scott Conklin

Representative Scott Conklin is running for re-election to the State House for the 77th district, serving part of Centre County. 

Representative Conklin has served in the State House since 2007 and serves as the Democratic Chair of the State Government committee. Rep. Conklin advocates for environmental sustainability in the House. He has worked to secure funding for small businesses to reduce their energy consumption and reduce environmental waste. 

Rep. Conklin has fought to protect the health of the environment and Pennsylvania communities. He plans to introduce legislation that would protect the health, safety, and property of residents by requiring response teams to be on site of exploratory drilling done by the natural gas industry. 

Representative Conklin will continue to be an advocate for the environment and Pennsylvanians. We urge the voters in the 77th district to send him back to Harrisburg this November. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.