Sara Innamorato

Sara Innamorato is running for Allegheny County Executive. As a state legislator, Innamorato earned a 100% environmental score. She has  introduced bills to repair Pennsylvania’s aging housing stock that was battered by flooding caused by climate change, as well as bills to close the hazardous oil and gas waste loophole that puts our drinking water at risk. 

Innamorato is a lifelong Pittsburgh-area resident who believes that we must do more to hold big polluters accountable, ensure clean air and safe drinking water for all communities, and fight climate change while advocating for communities and workers. As County Executive she will ensure corporations pay their fair share and hold polluters like Norfolks Southern accountable, will work to ban fracking on public lands in Allegheny County,and aim to expand renewable energy production in the region.

We urge voters in Allegheny County district to elect Sara Innamorato as County Executive where she will keep fighting for a clean future.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.