Christina Sappey

Christina Sappey is running for the State House in the 158th district in Chester County. 

Christina has lived in Chester County for 25 years. As Chief of Staff and Director of Legislative Initiatives for several state legislators, Christina has extensive experience working across party lines to get things done. 

Christina is a founding member of the Marshallton Conservation Trust and has made environmental issues an integral part of her campaign. She has vowed to be a strong advocate for clean air, land, and water, and is even running a fully sustainable campaign office through limiting single-use plastics and prioritizing digital communications over paper.  If elected, she’s committed to supporting a severance tax and promoting sustainable industries in Chester County.  

The 158th is a true swing district, and Christina faces a tough fight in November against an incumbent who scored only 56 percent on our 2017/2018 Environmental Scorecard. We urge you to help send her to Harrisburg.