Claudette Williams

Claudette Williams is running for the State House in the 176th district serving Monroe County.

Claudette is the President of the Mount Pocono Borough Council, as well as the local Police Commissioner. She is a retired veteran who served for 30 years as an Army Sergeant Major and served in Iraq. A Jamaican immigrant, Claudette came to the Poconos region to raise her family. 

Living in the Poconos, Claudette knows firsthand some of the greatest open spaces the Commonwealth offers. She recognizes the importance of protecting our natural heritage for future generations and growing our local economies through ecotourism and outdoor recreation. She will be an advocate for clean energy and against pipeline construction and will work to move Pennsylvania towards a greener economy. 

Claudette is in tough race against an incumbent who has a dismal 23% score on our 2017/2018 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard. We urge the voters in the 176th to send Claudette Williams to Harrisburg for real environmental change.