Dr. Tyler Titus

Dr. Tyler Titus is running for Erie County Executive.

Dr. Titus has worked at the Erie County Office of Children and Youth and as a full-time therapist for youth in the foster system for over 15 years. They are a small business owner, a graduate of Edinboro University, and are currently a member of the Erie City School Board.

Dr. Titus believes that Erie County needs public transportation that better connects the rural, suburban, and urban parts of the county. They recognize the opportunity that Erie has to be a transportation hub in the region, and would advocate for affordable high speed rail infrastructure to help achieve that goal. Equity has been the driving force of Dr. Titus’ career, and is at the core of their positions on healthcare, education, the economy, and the climate crisis.

We urge voters to support Dr. Tyler Titus, the pro-environment choice, for election as Erie County Executive.

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund