Rep. Kristine Howard

Rep. Kristine Howard is running for re-election to the state House in Chester County’s 167th district. 

Rep. Howard currently holds a 100% score on our Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard. She has taken every opportunity in the state House to vote for pro-environment legislation and to stand up against bills that would harm our air and water. 

During her first term in the legislature, Rep. Howard sponsored bills that would increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations across the state and provide real-time alerts in case of a pipeline emergency, and voted against a bill that would give away billions of dollars in tax credits to the petrochemical industry.

Rep. Howard is a strong voice for environmental protection in Harrisburg, and we urge the voters in the 167th district to re-elect her so she can keep fighting for a cleaner Chester County. 

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.