Rep. Brian Sims

Representative Brian Sims is running for re-election to the State House in Philadelphia’s 182nd District. 
Rep. Sims has served his district in Philadelphia since 2013. Prior to his time in the state legislature, he worked at the EPA as a senior law clerk. He is a member of the Climate Caucus, where he has worked on banning plastic bags and expanding recycling. Rep. Sims currently has a 2019-2020 environmental score of 100%.

Rep. Sims believes that Pennsylvania must pass a severance tax on fracking, and that the fossil fuel industry needs substantially more regulation and safety measures. He also is an advocate for increasing the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, while attracting the development and manufacturing jobs that the alternative energy industry would bring to Pennsylvania.
We are confident that Rep. Sims will continue to fight for our right to clean air, clean water, and renewable energy if re-elected and we encourage the voters of the 182nd District to send him back to Harrisburg.  

Paid for by Conservation Voters of PA Action Fund.