Kristin Seale

Kristin Seale is running for the State House in the 168th district serving Delaware County.

Kristin is a professional environmentalist who works for a statewide energy efficiency non-profit. In 2017, Kristin was elected to the Rose Tree Media School Board. Kristen has also been leader in the local fight against the Mariner East II Pipeline. She has worked with the Middletown Coalition for Community Safety and DelChesco United to stop this dangerous pipeline from crisscrossing her district and being built within hundreds of feet from homes.  

If elected, Kristin will bring her strong environmental values with her to Harrisburg. She has committed to continuing her fight against dangerous pipelines and will help push Pennsylvania towards a clean energy future. 

Kristin is running a great race against a first-term incumbent, and we know she can win. We encourage the voters in the 168th to elect Kristin Seale to the State House.