K.S Bhaskar, Tredyffrin

K.S. Bhaskar is running for Tredyffrin Township Supervisor. 

Originally from India, Mr. Bhaskar has lived in the US for almost 44 years, and in Tredyffrin for over 20 years. An engineer and scientist, he believes that climate change is one of the most critical threats facing the world and knows that we need to act locally to solve it. Mr. Bhaskar is particularly concerned about storm water management – a major problem in Tredyffrin due to over-development. He is committed to tackling the issues of runoff and erosion as well as supporting increased use of solar energy and sustainable development. 

K.S. Bhaskar will move Tredyffrin towards a greener and more sustainable future when elected to Township Supervisor and we urge you to vote for him on November 5!