Malcolm Kenyatta

Malcolm Kenyatta is running for State Representative in the 181st district in Philadelphia. 

Malcolm is third-generation North Philadelphian and a fierce civic and community advocate. He has been working to change outcomes in the neighborhood in which he was born, raised, and has called home for his whole life. His work to date has been on removing barriers to progress for struggling communities by speaking up for the marginalized and the working poor members of his community at rallies, vigils, block cleanups, and more. 

Malcolm would be a strong environmental advocate in the State House. He would fight to address the serious issue of lead poisoning, which is a crisis in his district and in communities across the state. Malcolm is also a supporter of encouraging community solar, which would significantly improve renters’ and low-income residents’ access to solar. Malcolm would also fight for a fair severance tax and would take a strong position to address methane pollution as a dangerous and potent contributor to climate change. 

Malcolm is running for an open seat. We know that he will prioritize the environment if elected to Harrisburg, and we strongly urge voters in the 181st district to vote for Malcolm Kenyatta for real environmental progress.