Mary Popovich

Mary Popovich is running for State Representative in the 58th district in Westmoreland County.

Mary was born and raised in district 58 and is currently serving her third term as Mayor of West Newton. She is also a volunteer paramedic, and a former life science professor and coal miner who is deeply committed to helping the working people in her district.

Mary believes that everyone has the right to clean air and  water. She supports a severance tax on natural gas, as well as increased funding for the Department of Environmental Protection because we need watchdogs for our environment. She is currently working with Westmoreland Greenways on community recycling events and has been pushing her local government to offer recycling at the curb in her community.

Mary is in a tough race against a first-term incumbent who has an abysmal 8% percent on our 2017/2018 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard. We urge voters in the 58th district to vote for Mary to send her to Harrisburg.