Rep. Helen Tai

Representative Helen Tai won the May 15 special election in the 178th district and was officially sworn into office in June.
Rep. Tai understands that ensuring clean drinking water for everyone must be an absolute top priority. Much of the 178th district gets its drinking water from groundwater or the nearby Delaware River and surrounding streams, and that’s why she supports a permanent ban on fracking and fracking-related activities in the Basin that would contaminate drinking water sources. As Solebury Township Supervisor, she led her colleagues to unanimously pass a resolution opposing the PennEast Pipeline and convinced several other municipalities to do the same because damage to our clean streams and forests would be irreparable. 

Rep. Tai is committed to ensuring that polluters are held accountable. She worked with fellow supervisors, residents, and community partners to forge new alliances and address environmental violations at a local quarry that went virtually unaddressed for years. By forming a partnership with Solebury Township, a nearby private school that was affected by the quarry, and a local watershed association, they worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that the quarry is managed responsibly, stays in compliance with the state law, and doesn’t put the health of residents and students at risk.

Representative Tai is up for election again in November and will face another tough race after having served only a few months in the state legislature. We encourage you to continue supporting her.