Kerry Benninghoff has been in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the last 24 years. He has amassed an abysmal record on the environment during this time, despite representing a district that depends on a healthy environment to support the leading industries, agriculture and tourism.

Benninghoff’s lifetime voting record on the environment is 12%, according to the scorecard from the Conservation Voters of PA. That’s one of the worst in our entire House of Representatives.

Looking closer, he regularly votes to let polluters off the hook by creating loopholes and easing restrictions. He has voted for proposals that weaken protections for our health and our environment. He voted to remove the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s authority to review and approve permits.

The list could go on. Benninghoff is one of the most anti-environment members in the entire Pa. House of Representatives. He’s shown he doesn’t care about our health and the legacy of pollution he is leaving behind. He’s simply contributing to an unhealthy environment.

It’s time to end Benninghoff’s career as a lifetime politician. It’s time to vote Benninghoff out and Peter Buck in on Nov. 3rd. Peter Buck is dedicated to creating and sustaining a healthy environment for all Pennsylvanians now and in the future. Buck has a track record of preserving forests, streams and farms and moving solar energy forward.

Benninghoff represents Pennsylvania’s polluted past. Buck represents our best hope for a clean environment we can live with.

Lynne Heritage, Bellefonte