[Philadelphia, PA] – Today, Conservation Voters of PA and Sierra Club Pennsylvania both endorsed Summer Lee for State Representative in Allegheny County’s 34th District. The two organizations represent thousands of individuals in the Commonwealth who are committed to clean air, land, energy, and water, and are prepared to vote for candidates who reflect those values. 

“Summer is campaigning on a platform centered on achieving environmental justice for constituents in the 34th district and brings an unparalleled energy to her fight for clean air and water in her community,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “Voters have a historic opportunity to elect a true environmental champion by voting for Summer in the May 15th primary.” 

Ms. Lee is a lifelong resident of the 34th district and a dedicated organizer and social activist. She sees the effects of bad environmental policy in her own backyard, from the horrendous air quality across the county and the 35 percent asthma rate in her local school district, to the dangers of aging and lead infused infrastructure. She supports implementing the Clean Power Plan to combat climate change, a moratorium on fracking, and full funding for the Department of Environmental Protection. 

"Summer Lee will be a strong advocate for environmental issues” said Barbara Grover, co-chair of the Political Committee for the Allegheny Group of Sierra Club Pennsylvania.  “She believes healthcare, economy and labor, and environmental justice are closely intertwined. We need to elect a corps of like-minded candidates like Summer to move Pennsylvania forward".

"Few issues have resonated with the people of this district like clean air and clean water," said Ms. Lee. "Voters are tired of short-sighted politicians selling out our health and natural resources to the highest bidder, sacrificing our future on the altars of fracking and the petrochemical industry. This campaign is riding a resurgent environmental movement in Pennsylvania, and I could not be prouder to receive the endorsement of two great environmental organizations".

Information about Summer can be found at www.summerforpa.com.  

Good environmental laws are made by good environmental lawmakers. That’s why Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and Sierra Club Pennsylvania work together to elect leaders committed to a cleaner, safer Keystone State.