[Philadelphia, PA] –Conservation Voters of PA congratulates its slate of endorsed candidate who won their primary elections Tuesday night: incumbents Sen. Art Haywood, Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, Rep. Mike O’Brien, Rep. Chris Rabb, and Rep. James Roebuck, and challengers Sara Innamorato, Kyle Mullins, Danielle Friel Otten, and Summer Lee. Conservation Voters of PA also congratulates Helen Tai for her victory in the Special Election in House District 178.

“Pennsylvania’s voters just sent a clear message that we want our elected officials to put our health and safety first,” said Josh McNeil, executive director of Conservation Voters PA. “We voted to protect our natural resources, to keep our families safe from dangerous pollution, and to invest in the creation of good-paying, clean energy jobs. We congratulate all of our endorsed candidates on their victories, and look forward to seeing them across the finish line in November.”

Legislators endorsed by Conservation Voters of PA in the past currently serve at the forefront of efforts to achieve 100 percent clean energy by 2050, to ensure all schools are tested for lead, and to fully fund the Department of Environmental Protection. 

With the victories of Otten, Lee, Innamorato, and Mullins, Pennsylvania is four steps closer to building a green firewall in the State House to block the onslaught of extreme attacks on our natural resources. 

“These candidates made a healthy environment a centerpiece of their campaigns, and it’s clear that voters share their values,” McNeil said.

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