[Philadelphia, PA] – Today, Conservation Voters of PA endorsed Kyle Mullins for State Representative in Scranton’s 112th District. Conservation Voters of PA represents thousands of individuals in the Commonwealth committed to clean air, land, energy, and water, and prepared to vote for candidates who reflect those values. 

“Our state constitution guarantees Pennsylvanians the right to clean air, pure water, and protected natural resources. Too often, our State Legislature forsakes these rights in the form of giveaways to the gas industry and attacks on critical environmental protections,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “We need more leaders in Harrisburg like Mr. Mullins, who will stand up for our environment and our health.”

Kyle Mullins recently served as the Legislative Director for State Senator John Blake, where he helped craft policies that will benefit all Northeast Pennsylvania families. He is particularly proud of his work while with Sen. Blake to advance energy efficiency upgrades to commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Mr. Mullins is a strong supporter of increased funding for the Department of Environmental Protection, a reasonable severance tax on gas companies, and improving recycling standards to divert more waste from landfills. 

Mr. Mullins said of the endorsement, “It’s an incredible honor to be endorsed by Conservation Voters of PA. Our environment is our most precious resource. We must ensure that all Pennsylvania families are breathing clean air and drinking clean water. And we must insist that drillers pay their fair share. Hardworking families in our community deserve a principled leader who will fight for these issues each and every day.” 

Information about Kyle can be found at www.votemullins.com

Good environmental laws are made by good environmental lawmakers. That’s why Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania works to elect leaders committed to a cleaner, safer Keystone State.