[Philadelphia, PA] – Today, Conservation Voters of PA endorsed State Representative Chris Rabb for re-election in Philadelphia’s 200th district. The 200th district is located in the upper northwest portion of the City of Philadelphia, and is one of the greenest urban areas in the commonwealth. Conservation Voters of PA represents thousands of individuals in the Commonwealth committed to clean air, land, energy, and water, and prepared to vote for candidates who reflect those values. 

“Rep. Rabb has demonstrated in just his first term that he is a stalwart champion for environmental justice in the State House. We applaud Rabb for introducing his bill today to commit Pennsylvania to 100% clean energy by 2050,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “He has consistently championed issues surrounding clean energy, water, and air and we encourage the citizens of the 200th district to send Rep. Rabb back to Harrisburg.” 

Rep. Rabb was elected to the State House in 2017. In his first term, he was the prime sponsor of today’s announced legislation which would commit Pennsylvania to 100% clean energy by 2050. He also plans to introduce a package of bills encouraging developers to build passive houses for low-income communities. Additionally, Rep. Rabb is a founding member of the Climate 

Rep. Rabb said of the endorsement, “I am thrilled to receive this official affirmation as a public servant dedicated to environmental, social and economic justice.”

Information about Rep. Rabb can be found at www.chrisrabb.com.  

Good environmental laws are made by good environmental lawmakers. That’s why Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania works to elect leaders committed to a cleaner, safer Keystone State.