Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Molly Parzen issued the following statement in response to news that Senators Manchin and Schumer have reached an agreement on a reconciliation bill including climate and clean energy provisions, known as the Inflation Reduction Act:  


“Today’s announcement marks a major moment in the fight against climate change. The clean energy investments contained in the proposed legislation represent a tremendous and historic step towards meeting our emissions targets.


These investments will help turn the existential threat of climate change into an opportunity to jumpstart the creation of a 21st century economy powered by clean, renewable energy. They will create family-sustaining union jobs, expand economic opportunities for communities of color and low-income neighborhoods and help provide long-term energy security.


This bill is a promising step and there is no doubt more work is needed as we continue the transition towards a clean energy economy. For now, we are calling on every single member of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation to rally behind this historic legislation and help get it over the finish line.”