Delaware County Courthouse
Delaware County Courthouse, Media PA

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden are proud to announce that the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has endorsed their campaigns for County Council. This marks the first time that Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has endorsed County Council candidates in Delco.

“Politicians at both the state and federal levels continue to fail to protect our air and water, and the fight to defend our health must move forward at the local level,” said Joshua McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “That’s why we endorse Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden. We know that they will work to preserve and invest in more open space, fight for a healthier and safer environment, and invest in energy efficiency on a county level. Brian and Kevin offer the leadership Delaware County needs and represent real hope for the future of Delco and PA.” Conservation Voters of PA represents 5,524 members in Delaware County. 

“I’m proud that the members of Conservation Voters of PA are standing with us in this campaign,” said Brian Zidek. “We all deserve clean water, communities safer from industrial accidents and more open spaces to enjoy with our children and families. Unfortunately, Dave White and Delco’s County Council decided to place the interests of Sunoco’s shareholders above the interests of the citizens of Delaware County by inviting a dangerous pipeline to our community. They made matters even worse when they refused to take any responsibility for the safety of homes, schools and senior living facilities in close proximity to this dangerous pipeline.They are more interested in claiming credit for a few jobs and then passing the buck than making sure our water is clean and our children are safe. I will always put the safety of our children and our citizens first, look for ways to expand our open spaces and demand that industry implement safer and more environmentally sound practices.”

“One of the defining joys of my childhood was spending time each summer with my family in the wilderness. That’s why I am proud to have the endorsement and support of Conservation Voters of PA. I know that our quality of life depends on having more access to open spaces, cleaner air to breath and being safe from industrial accidents brought about by a callous disregard for our natural resources. A commitment to our environment and green space preservation attracts new residents and employers and spurs economic development. Delco deserves much better leadership on conservation issues and our Council is failing us.”