Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Invests Nearly $80,000 in Judicial, Local Candidates in 2021

Philadelphia (October 22, 2021) -- Leading environmental advocacy group Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania announced that its Victory Fund political action committee is conducting a targeted, independent expenditure persuasion campaign to elect statewide judges and local officeholders who will make important decisions about the future of our environment, the integrity of our elections, and the health of our neighborhoods. 

Conservation Voters of PA Victory Fund’s nearly $80,000 campaign will contact voters in Lehigh, Northampton, and Bucks Counties by mail and online. Voters will be urged to vote for Judge Maria McLaughlin for Supreme Court, Judge Timika Lane for Superior Court, and Judges David Spurgeon and Lori Dumas for Commonwealth Court along with the following local candidates: 

Lehigh County
Joyce Moore for County Commissioner in District 5

Northampton County 
Lamont McClure for County Executive and Tara Zrinski for County Council At-Large

Bucks County 
Antonetta Stancu for District Attorney

"Environmental laws are only as strong as the judges that uphold them,” said Molly Parzen, Interim Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “Investing in our courts is critical because they’re the best avenue for citizens to seek justice and fight back against polluters harming their communities. We need judges like Maria McLaughlin, Timika Lane, David Spurgeon, and Lori Dumas to hold companies and industries accountable and force them to pay when their actions or reckless pollution put people at risk and harm our shared resources.”

“We also recognize the importance of investing in local candidates.” Parzen continued. “Critical environmental decisions – from where pipelines and hazardous waste facilities get located to open space preservation to flooding prevention – are made by our county commissioners, local governing bodies, mayors, and the officials they appoint. Local pro-environmental officials will help to ensure that residents and families will be able to enjoy open space, clean water, and pure air in their communities.”

Mail pieces can be seen at the links below. Digital ad is available here