Between PFAS contamination, poor air quality, and the general looming dangers related to climate change, Bucks County does not have time to wait for environmental action. When our elected officials refuse to do the right thing for Bucks County’s air and water, it’s important we hold them accountable.

Conservation Voters of PA released their scorecard this year, showing legislators’ voting records over the last two years. While it was great to see that we have true environmental champions representing us, like Senator Steven Santarsiero and Representative Perry Warren, it’s equally disheartening to see Representatives like Frank Farry and Craig Staats, who are actively choosing polluters over the people who vote for them.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to know more about their legislators' record go to, and learn about the environmental bills that have gone through Harrisburg in this session. It should serve as a great resource to learn more about the shenanigans that flood our capital, as well as a great starting point for figuring out how to vote this November 3rd.

Tom Sacino, Yardley