For Immediate Release
July 8, 2021
Contact: Drew Murren |

League of Conservation Voters Launches
Climate Action Organizing Effort in Western Pennsylvania

Focused in PA-17, program will build support for congressional action to tackle
climate change through clean energy, environmental justice and job creation

Harrisburg, PA — The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), national affiliate of Conservation Voters of PA, announced the kick-off of its organizing program aimed at building momentum for congressional action on the critically important issues of climate change and clean energy.

The program will focus on Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district in Beaver, Butler and Allegheny counties.  A new analysis shows voters in 19 competitive US House districts (including PA-17, PA-07 and PA-08) strongly support infrastructure plans addressing climate change and promoting clean energy.

This effort is part of the largest-ever non-election year campaign conducted by LCV. The League will spend $8 million across eight states and 15 congressional districts to spur congressional action to tackle the climate crisis.

“Pennsylvanians cannot wait for climate action. For too long, residents of western Pennsylvania in particular have borne the brunt of fossil fuel industry pollution. This pollution doesn’t just drive climate change, it also damages people’s health, as well as air and water quality, which disproportionately harms vulnerable communities,” said Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Interim Executive Director Molly Parzen.  “Members of Congress must seize this historic opportunity to build a strong and sustainable clean energy economy through jobs and environmental justice.”

Recent polling conducted by Hart Research found that a significant majority (59%) of voters polled in those 19 competitive House districts strongly support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan. Analysis of the data conducted by Hart on behalf of League of Conservation Voters, Environment America and Earthjustice further found that support for the provisions of the plan focusing on clean energy and climate action were even stronger than for the overall plan to update the nation’s infrastructure.  

That support is bipartisan as well, with 70 percent of voters favoring climate action through increased use of clean energy as well as greater energy efficiency for homes and buildings and reduced carbon pollution from vehicles and the transportation industry.

“My constituents want their elected officials to take action to combat the climate crisis here and now,” said Representative Emily Kinkead. “I urge the members of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation to support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and ensure that climate is at the center of rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.”

Priorities included in the AJP that CVPA will highlight to build support among constituents in PA-17 will include the creation of well-paying jobs in renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar, expanding energy efficiency, building out public transit to curb tailpipe emissions while enhancing equity in transportation, making drinking water safe for families by removing lead pipes, and ensuring that low-income communities and communities of color are better served by a clean energy economy.

LCV canvassers will go door to door for discussions with constituents, community partners and local businesses. “Climate Action Now” signs will be displayed by supporters in their neighborhoods and businesses to urge fellow Pennsylvanians to contact congressional leaders.

“Too many Pennsylvania communities have been plagued by lead pipes and environmental hazards that harm the health of children and families. Rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure is a critical opportunity to tackle climate change and advance environmental justice by investing in clean drinking water. Congress must act now,” said Steve Hvozdovich, Pennsylvania Campaigns Director for Clean Water Action.