Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is making the environment a top priority across the Commonwealth.


Conservation Voters of PA Endorses State Representative Chris Rabb

Today, Conservation Voters of PA endorsed State Representative Chris Rabb for re-election in Philadelphia’s 200th district. 

“Rep. Rabb has demonstrated in just his first term that he is a stalwart champion for environmental justice in the State House. We applaud Rabb for introducing his bill today to commit Pennsylvania to 100% clean energy by 2050,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “He has consistently championed issues surrounding clean energy, water, and air and we encourage the citizens of the 200th district to send Rep. Rabb back to Harrisburg.” 

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Conservation Voters of PA Endorses Danielle Friel Otten for State Representative

Today, Conservation Voters of PA endorsed Danielle Friel Otten for State Representative in Chester County’s 155th District. 

“Danielle embodies all of the values we look for in pro-environment candidates. She is a self-motivated and passionate advocate for clean water in her own backyard and will bring real change to Harrisburg,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “Danielle will not only make environmental protection a top priority when elected, but she has firsthand experience in enacting lasting change.”

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Conservation Voters of PA Endorses Business Owner and Solebury Supervisor Helen Tai for State Representative: Endorsement Acknowledges Tai’s Long-Standing Commitment to Bucks County and the Environment

Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania today endorsed Helen Tai for State Representative in the 178th district in the May 15 special election.  

“The citizens in district 178 have been represented by a legislator with an abysmal environmental record for too long,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of CVPA. “Helen Tai will continue to be a true environmental champion when elected to the State House. As proven during her years of public service, she is committed to protecting our natural heritage and ensuring that everyone has clean drinking water.”

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Arctic Refuge drilling: immoral, financially dishonest, and deeply unpopular

Say no to drilling in the Arctic

Buried in the tax bill is a shameful and economically irresponsible rider to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. This pristine corner of Alaska has been protected for generations, but one senator is trying to hand over one of the last untouched places in our country to Big Oil.

Reps. Patrick Meehan, Ryan Costello, and Brian Fitzpatrick understand that this special place should remain protected, writing in a letter to Republican leadership that “the Arctic Refuge stands as a symbol of our nation’s strong and enduring natural legacy.” We appreciate their stance.

Now it’s time for our representatives to put their word into action. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge has no place in the tax bill and Meehan, Costello, and Fitzpatrick need to stand strong and vote against this shameful sellout to the oil and gas industry.

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PA lawmakers cobble together budget - without needed boost for Bay, environment

Four months past the deadline for approving a state budget, Pennsylvania lawmakers have finally agreed on how to pay for the $32 billion spending plan they adopted in July.

They did nothing, though, to bolster a budget that offers no new money for Chesapeake Bay restoration, drinking water protection and other environmental programs. In fact, they opened the door to siphoning money from special funds dedicated to conservation and pollution cleanup.

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Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Endorses Zidek and Madden for Delco Council Endorsement a first of its kind for Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania

Delaware County Courthouse

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden are proud to announce that the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has endorsed their campaigns for County Council. This marks the first time that Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has endorsed County Council candidates in Delco.

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Environmental Groups Endorse Judge Ceisler and Judge Fizzano Cannon for Commonwealth Court

Judges Gavel

Harrisburg – Today, Judge Ellen Ceisler (D) and Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon (R) earned endorsements from Sierra Club PA and Conservation Voters of PA.  The two statewide environmental organizations chose to endorse Ceisler and Fizzano Cannon for seats on the Commonwealth Court, often the first court of appeals for issues impacting air, water, and public health.  Sitting Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd also earned endorsement from Conservation Voters of PA for retention. 

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“Impact Fee” Now a “Severance Tax” in Name Only

Drilling rig

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania State House Energy and Environmental Resources Committee  Tuesday approved an amendment gutting Representative Kate Harper’s bill proposing a modest severance tax. The amended bill now strikes any semblance of a real severance tax on natural gas and instead renames the existing “impact fee” a “severance tax” in an act of legislative deception.
“This move shows the blatant actions representatives now take to serve the natural gas industry rather than the people of Pennsylvania, hiding behind semantics and giving the industry another pass,” said PennFuture President and CEO Larry Schweiger. 
Conservation Voters of PA Executive Director Josh McNeil said, "George Orwell would have recognized the actions of this committee today. It's funny that what they called 'the Maher amendment,' the rest of the world calls 'a blatant attempt to mislead the public and avoid doing the right thing for Pennsylvania.'"

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Delaware River featured in contest to promote watershed area

Appalachian Mountain Club's Delaware River Means campaign

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), in collaboration with the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed, the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, and the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, has launched the "Delaware River Means" campaign (

This online photo and story entry contest focuses on the benefits and experiences around the Delaware River Watershed, aiming to engage residents of and visitors to the Watershed in appreciating its unique qualities.

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Pa. lawmakers are masters of the Puniverse


Just in terms of raw politics, our legislature deserves special notice.

In the small-ball world of Harrisburg, it consistently manages to protect itself and its donors, hence its members’ 90 percent-plus reelection rates.

And, with a little more than a week to go before the annual July 1 deadline for a new state budget, it appears poised to reprise its insulated ways.

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