Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is making the environment a top priority across the Commonwealth.


PA Environmental Advocates Roll Out Bold Shared Vision to Build Economic Prosperity, Ensure Justice Through Environmental Protection

More than 30 advocacy organizations from across Pennsylvania stood together in the Capitol Rotunda Tuesday morning to publicly release a new document that represents our shared values and priorities ahead of elections this fall for a new governor and state Legislature.

Entitled, “A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities,” this bold 30-page document is designed to put Pennsylvania at the forefront of action on climate change and environmental justice to protect our families, create jobs and ensure that every Pennsylvania community benefits.

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A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities on CBS 21

Environmental advocacy groups unveiled a 30-page document, A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities at the Capitol Rotunda.

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State Sen. Amanda Cappelletti, environmental advocates share their climate priorities

State lawmakers and environmental advocates gathered in Harrisburg on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022, to discuss their shared environmental justice and climate priorities ahead of the 2022 election.

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State lawmakers, advocates present shared environmental action plan

Environmental Advocates at the State Capitol

The 30-page plan identifies policy solutions to several areas of environmental concern, including air quality and pollution, energy, water quality, labor, housing and land use, and democracy.

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Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Victory Fund Investing $2 Million in Field Organizing

Today, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Victory Fund launched a massive field organizing effort in conjunction with LCV Victory fund. CVPA Victory Fund will be investing more than $2 million and knocking on more than 160,000 doors as part of a nationwide effort to knock on at least 1.17 million doors in battleground states, in support of pro-environment, pro-democracy champions in the 2022 midterms.

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Conservation Voters of PA statement on Manchin-Schumer Inflation Reduction Act

“Today’s announcement marks a major moment in the fight against climate change. The clean energy investments contained in the proposed legislation represent a tremendous and historic step towards meeting our emissions targets."

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Environmental advocates laud historic funding of conservation in PA budget

Today is a banner day in the history of environmental protection in Pennsylvania, with lawmakers approving historic levels of spending for programs that will advance environmental conservation in our commonwealth. 

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Conservation Voters of PA Calls for Bold Action in Response to Supreme Court's Ruling Against the EPA

Now is the time to press for bold action to fight back against big polluters and their extremist friends on the Supreme Court by advancing policies that lower emissions, tackle the climate crisis and create jobs and economic prosperity for Pennsylvania businesses and families.

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Leading PA Environmental Advocates Endorse Josh Shapiro for Governor

Pennsylvania’s leading environmental advocates issued a ringing endorsement of Josh Shapiro’s campaign for governor today, hailing his strong track record of holding corporate polluters accountable as well as his pledge to strengthen environmental protections to keep our communities safe while investing in clean, renewable energy to create good-paying union jobs.

The five advocacy groups highlighted Shapiro’s strong track record as Pennsylvania attorney general, where he has led fights to protect Pennsylvanians’ constitutional rights to clean air and pure water by cracking down on polluters and on filing multiple lawsuits against efforts by former President Donald Trump to weaken critically important environmental protections.

“We are excited to announce this historic endorsement of Josh Shapiro, a candidate with a long and proven track record of environmental protection and an exciting platform that will power Pennsylvania into the 21st century with a sustainable green energy economy,” said Katie Blume, Political Director for Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania. “He stands head and shoulders above the Republican candidates, who threaten to roll back environmental protections and double down on the failed environmental policies of the past. At a time when our planet is in crisis, we need a proven leader with the vision to create a more prosperous future for Pennsylvania families by protecting our clean air, pure water and open space.”

Along with Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, Shapiro was endorsed by the National Wildlife Foundation Action Fund, PennEnvironment, the Clean Air Action Fund and Clean Water Action.

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Conservation Voters of PA Selects Molly Parzen to Serve as Next Executive Director

After an extensive national search, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has selected Molly Parzen, a proven environmental champion with a distinguished career in advocacy, to serve as its next Executive Director.

Parzen was named permanent Executive Director after serving as interim head of CVPA and following more than a decade of service at the advocacy organization.

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